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Why Mars?

Its very common for people who are unfamiliar with the arguments for space colonisation to suggest that its ridiculous on the face of it that humans can move to Mars and live there. They typically cite the fact that there are no permanent residents in Antarctica as proof of this. Here is a good recent … Continue reading Why Mars?

A Flash In The Cosmic Pan

Part of my upcoming book explores the long term trajectory of a future human civilisation. This inevitably runs into the issue of the Fermi paradox; if we have a future as an expanding interstellar civilisation, then presumably any intelligent species that evolved before us could also have had that future, and we should see evidence … Continue reading A Flash In The Cosmic Pan


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Peter Hague

I earned my PhD in astrophysics from the University of Leicester in 2011, and have worked at Durham University and the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University. This blog is primarily devoted to my space advocacy work.

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